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Brew Yourself Some Biodiesel

Homemade diesel can save drivers up to 75 percent on their fuel bill, one Colorado company claims.

Hey, diesel owners! How would you like to obtain fuel for $1 per gallon instead of $4? Sound too good to be true? It’s not, according to EZBiodiesel owner Guy Purcella. The catch is you have to make it yourself, but if you’re friends with a fast-food fry cook, it may be worth it.

“Biodiesel is an EPA-approved alternative diesel fuel that anyone can make from free used cooking oil, and it’s a better fuel for your engine and for the environment,” says Purcella. “Biodiesel will work in most any diesel engine and requires no modifications to the engine.”

Purcella owns Summit Enterprises LLC, a Colorado company that manufactures the EZBiodiesel line of processors that enable individuals to cook up their own transportation fuel. The company has been manufacturing the EZBiodiesel line of processors since January of 2006. Biodiesel is an EPA-approved “renewable fuel” that is claimed to have many benefits when compared with petroleum diesel, including being renewable, nontoxic and biodegradable. Driving a biodiesel-powered car might also make you hungry for a cheeseburger.